Jagaja is an indie pop rock band from Omaha, NE led by twin brothers Gabriel and Graham Burkum.


After playing in a band of 5 guys for so long, it’s refreshing and… liberating to be able to have so much flexibility as an ensemble on stage.  

One of the fun things about performing as JAGAJA is that we have the option to play around with the combinations of artists.  We were conscious of this concept as we wrote these songs so that they would translate as an acoustic duo, to a 4 piece band, all the way to a 30-piece outfit—  A guy can dream, right?  This is America.

If you keep up with us, you’ll inevitably see performances here and there with different backing musicians, and also a slightly different sound.  Gotta keep you on your toes!  It’s been fun to play our songs in all different forms, and we hope you’ll enjoy it, too.


We have unveiled a brand new JAGAJA tee shirt (just in time for summer!) and some really great new buttons!  Head on over to our online store and check them out!

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