Jagaja is an indie pop rock band from Omaha, NE led by twin brothers Gabriel and Graham Burkum.



Graham and Gabriel Burkum have been writing music for over a decade, released under the bands Burkum Boys, Skypiper, and JAGAJA. All masters and publishing are owned by the members, and registered with appropriate rights organizations (BMI, SoundExchange, etc.).

Here are a few of their notable placements.

Song: "Even If" - Jagaja
Campaign: Whole Foods Announcement [Web]
Partner: Keepers Beverage Co.

Song: "Five Years of Copper" - Skypiper
Campaign: Visit Omaha [TV, Web, Radio]
Partner: Swanson Russell

Video: "Hypno Girl" - Jagaja
Placement: Beach Bum Tanning, St. Croix Tan, Tiki Tan [In-Store Video]
Partner: ScreenPlay Ent.

Song: "Land of Slumber" - Jagaja
Placement: Hollister, etc. [In-Store Radio]
Partner: Mood Media

Video: "Hypno Girl" - Jagaja
Placement: "Every Brand Has a Sound" [Web]
Partner: Songtradr


We offer instrumentals, background vocal versions, and custom music as well.

If you're interested in licensing anything you hear, please contact Jagaja's management below.

Thank you!